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The Starland Steering Committee

Starland's vision, decision-making, and overseeing rests with our Steering Committee members, who have generously provided time, talent, and money to help keep Starland healthy and focused.

There are three actual co-owners of Starland, who have generously supported the formation of Starland and it's Steering Committee. All of them are part of the Steering Committee: John, Steve, and Gary. But none of the owners actually live at Starland.

Starland has up to four residents, not all of these residents are official Starland Committee Members and live at Starland full-time.

TailFeather -Committee Member, our most recent new-comer as of July 2010 and full-time resident. TailFeather came to Starland with a bounty of talents and is a perfect example of what a Starland resident should be... employed, self-reliant, super mechanically handy, presentable... and charming.

Jesse -non-committee member, seasonal part-time resident from New York who fills in for Mohabee during most of the summer months.

Matrix (Lobo Solo) -Committee Member, new part-time resident (weekends only) as of July 2010 and still works in Los Angeles during the week. "Lobo" has been involved with Starland since 1998, promoting Starland via amateur web design and networking between other groups he has been involved with (Moon Circle, CMG, CMEN, and others) over the years. Moon Circle was his own group as a Radical Faerie "inspired" entity in the Los Angeles area when the old Radical Faerie Los Angeles entity "Star Circle" faded. Lobo has put his heart and soul into Starland offering trade skills, labor, and anything else and continues to do so with great enthusiasm.

Mohabee -Committee Member, full-time resident since Starland's inception back in 1997. Mohabee was asked by John H., one of three owners of Starland, to live at Starland as security and grounds keeper for Starland while no one was living there. Mohabee fields most of the correspondence and maintains the membership for Starland.


Gary -Usually joins the other owners when Starland host the bi-annual committee member meetings. He lives in the San Fernando Valley.

Steve -A collector of fifties memorabilia and "old car" enthusiast who lives near-by in Joshua Tree.

John -Co-founder of CMEN, a gay naturist organization, who is mostly Starland's "Head Hancho" who lives in West Hollywood.


Les -A close friend of the owners since before Starland. He lives in the San Fernando Valley and visits from time to time. He is Starland's treasurer.

Hollis -A member since about 2002, a great supporter and Starland enthusiast who offers his time, labor, effort, and money to Starland. He lives in Los Angeles and often visits Starland to help out.

Other Prominent & Contributing Members:

If you would you like to be included on this list... Let us know.

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