We are a small community, including a full-time resident, and many enthusiastic supporters who come and go with varrying frequency.

Mostly, we are all friends with a common interest and goal to create a caring and vibrant environment.


We gather in committees throught the year, sometimes just for the camaraderie.
We work on how we can maintain and improve the land and its potential to serve.


Please feel free to come and see what we're about.


This is the "Main House"

'Has a nice outside patio area where we hangout when the weather's nice.
Not bad kitchen service inside.


The RV area - great view! Eh?


This shows the grand "Main Hall" 923 Sq Ft interior - multi-purpose!
Also seen is the Shower Building and our Spa behind the Mojave Yucca.

We want to errect a 26' diameter above-ground circular pool at the area near the Spa.
Will you help us?


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