& Local Attractions

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1. Communal meals (pot-luck or other intentional meal making) as may be inspired, usually weekends.

2. "Work & Play" Weekends
Volunteer to help out with ongoing tasks, and also hangout and socialize. *See Item 1. above

- Hot Tub Spa - always available.
- POOL! 18' diameter above ground pool.
Local Attractions:
- The Ingretron
- Giant Rock
- Gubler Orchid Farm
- La Copine - fancy eatery! *just down the road!
- Hiking Locally; get your excercise and/or observe nature, hike 500' in 40 minutes or less to 4,000' for an amazing 360 view of the high desert.

CALENDAR 2022...

1st & 2nd (Sat-Sun) - 26th Morongo Basin Orchid Festival -
​ Saturday October 1st: 10 am - 5 pm & Sunday October 2nd: 10 am - 3 pm
21st thru 23rd (Fri-Sat) - MASSAGE WEEKEND - a private club event by CMEN. Want to join? Visit www.CMEN.org to become a member.

Date TBA "Orphan's" Thanks Giving
10the thru 12th - Starland's Committee Meeting

New Years Events - TBA

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