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"Who" is Starland?
"What" is Starland?
"Where" is Starland
"Why" is Starland?
kind of people are at Starland?
What is there to do at Starland?
What can I bring?
What do I need at Starland?
What do I do at Starland?

"Who" is Starland? Mostly gay guys. Our visitors are mostly men, mostly gay or bisexual, who make the journey, to experience peace, friendship, and natural beauty. Membership to Starland is required. We offer memberships, so that we provide a safe, "country-club" atmosphere in a freely-formed community. Starland is governed by a group of self-selected Shining Star Members, who make up the Starland Steering Committee.

"What" is Starland? A small rural rustic not-for-profit desert camp. We encourage and sponsor a number of relaxing, educational, and spiritual activities throughout the year.

"Where" is Starland? Near Yucca Valley, California U.S.A. No address or directions are available on this website. Only event registrarees are given directions.

"Why" is Starland? For community mainly and also education, fun, friendship, nudity, nature, Radical Faeries, and the like.

What kind of people are at Starland? Mostly happy open-minded middle-aged gay guys, occasionally women (when it's not an all-man thing), Radical fAERIEs, all races, nature lovers and naturist, blue collars, white collars, and publicly assisted, occasional dog lovers and their pets, handy guys and prissies, smokers and non-smokers, artists and clumsies, and an occasional conservative, or "wanna-not-be conservative." ...Pagans, witches and wolves, non-practitioners and wholier-than-thous... granola munching or hot-dog eating... 'need I go on?

Ages? This varies widely from time to time, adults 18 and up are welcome. The average age is 35-55.
Women are very welcome
Atmosphere? Usually very relaxed and low-key, even during a "Work Weekend." There is no loud music accept for the occasional disco during a special event. The desert is a very quiet place. Our patrons are typically very jovial and friendly.
What is there to do at Starland? You can spend time alone or enjoy the many venues for interacting with others. Relax, get naked (optional), have fun with friends, meet new gay friends, cook, share meals, trips to the local eateries and curio shops, visits to Joshua Tree National Park, dine at Cross Roads Cafe -a very upbeat and cheery place with great food and atmosphere, hike Starland's "out-back" and commune with nature, with each other, or both, read books, play parlor games, play cards, watch TV/Videos/DVD's, soak in the hot-tub. We often eat together and sometimes make meal meals together. Some of us are vegetarian. Sleeping together and cuddling are always an option. Sometimes others bring stuff to do, like karaoke, and arts and can bring stuff too. You can sleep all day or hike all day. There's always someone new to meet at Starland. Starland is given to many interests and activities. Fitness, exercise and health are always supported.
What can I bring
Can you bring Fluffy? Of course you can, most of the time, with permission. Please see our Pet Policy.

What do I need at Starland?
Your warmest bedding (quilts/blankets/sleeping bag) and pillow -for overnight stays on cold nights in a tent or other non-insulated accommodation. Otherwise the Main Hall, the Bunk cabin, and the Vista Arroyo cabin are very well insulated, cozy, and heated.
Your toiletries -Towel or two, Shower Soap (bio-degradable type) -other preferred personal toiletries.
Shoes -
sandals or open-toed shoes are not recommended, especially off premises in the out-back.
Food -except where events provide food. Snacks are always available. We also have limited refrigeration storage available. You may also bring food to share for possible communal meals that often happen.
Mohabee's Recommendations: Flashlight, chap stick, body lotion, massage oil, tweezers, band aids, phone calling card, bug repellent.
Optional Items: Drums or other percussion, Altar items, Incense and Scented oils, Fae Drag, camera, art supplies, journal.

What do I do at Starland? Relax... what is there to do? You are free to enjoy as you please, just don't hurt yourself or others. Stay sane and sober. Well show you where everything is and provide you with a basic tour of Starland to orient you and then let you be, unless you don't want to be let alone we'll try to show you how to have a good time!
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Our visitors often inquire about particular aspects about Starland, that our website may not cover. There is no particular order in this FAQ list.
If you have a question which is not on this page, and appears to be unanswered in our website, please email us. We appreciate your comments and constructive criticism.

Where is Starland?
Starland is located 45 miles north of Palm Springs, CA, near Yucca Valley, CA. Starland is in the Mojave Desert, and is surrounded by desert mountains and valleys. Starland exists in a rural neighborhood, on a bluff overlooking a vast arroyo.

Are the neighbors "gay friendly?"
While many might perceive rural neighbors as "redneck," surprisingly, most of our neighbors live and let live. The community surrounding Starland is peaceful and mostly pleasant. Most of the houses in sight from Starland are unoccupied for most of the year.

How do I obtain directions to Starland?
We provide directions, upon receipt of a reservation, or upon confirmation of a time and date, for a brief daylight tour of Starland.

What is Starland?
Starland is a not-for-profit, member-based campground and retreat, which offers simple, basic accommodations, and also offers weekend events, seminars, and other activities. Starland is privately-owned, and is proudly gay-friendly.

Who comes to Starland?
Mostly gay men, who enjoy camping out (or staying in one of our cabins) in a safe, relatively silent, and delightful environment.

How many do we expect for a weekend event or on a typical night?
As many as 30; as few as one or two.

Is Starland ever closed?
Starland closes its gates rarely. We now have substitute volunteer caretakers who help us make Starland available year-round. We encourage you to make a reservation as soon as you know your arrival and departure dates, one or two weeks in advance of your arrival. Please let us know if you plan to arrive late at night.

I called Starland and got no answer! What's up with the slow reply time?
We often have one person who is responsible for many tasks. Please be patient, and allow a couple of days for us to return your phone call or email inquiry. The turn-around time is usually right away, but when the rain falls, or there is high wind in the air, our phones and electric service may be temporarily interrupted. Also note that Friday is when most of our visitors arrive, for weekend events or open camping. We might be greeting our new arrivals on that day, so leave a message on the phone machine, and be sure to include a phone number that you'll be close to, for our delayed return call. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Are women welcome?
Indeed. Note that we offer some events for "men only." The few women who have already visited Starland have been gracious, and are accepting of the mostly-male presence at Starland.

Are heterosexuals and bisexuals welcome?
Yes. As long as what you do is legal, done with respect, and does not frighten the coyotes.

Are children welcome?
No. Starland is an adult campground and retreat, for those age 18 and older.

What is the age of a typical Starland visitor?
There are visitors as young as 18, and visitors as old as 89, who come to Starland. Visitors of all ages in-between are plentiful, too! The "average" age of a typical Starland Member is late-30's.

I'm a faerie. Will I be welcome?
Yes. We have many Faeries at Starland. Starland is seen as a bit different from the Faerie Sanctuaries that are known to exist. While Starland is known as a sublime place for Faeries to visit, we don't label Starland as a "sanctuary."

What is Starland's spiritual atmosphere?
We embrace open spirituality. We have been blessed with a labyrinth, a medicine wheel, and several altars that have been built and are visited frequently. We hold celebrations of the earth and its many blessings at Starland.

I'm chubby/hairy/slim/average-built. Will I feel welcome?
Indeed. Starland is for those who are chubby, those who are slim, those who work out, those who are "couch potatoes," those who have lots of hair, those with no hair, those with truck driver's "sunburn," and those who have good complexions. In other words, we encourage our visitors to be themselves, and to enjoy the many characteristics of others at Starland.

What is the typical "atmosphere" at Starland?
During the week, and at Open Camping weekends, visitors relax and unwind. Most of our visitors want to be in a quiet, unrushed, and relaxed place, far from the city and it's noisy, crowded characteristics. We offer simple activities, and our hot tub, to assist road-weary and overworked visitors relax and to become refreshed with the splendors of the Mojave Desert.

What is the sexual atmosphere at Starland?
We offer a quiet, peaceful place for sexual expression. We prefer subtlety over overt public sexual encounters. Most of the visitors who come to Starland are here to "get away" from the sexual tensions of city night clubs, bars, and bathhouses. Starland is about being an adult with clear intentions and respect for others. We discourage "touchy-feely," but encourage our visitors to gently ask before touching, embracing, or having sex with another visitor.

Is there a discount for couples/partners/married visitors?
While we encourage couples to come and share the delights of Starland, we ask that each visitor sign up for himself. We regret that we are unable to offer any specific discounts for couples, but please consider some of our options that couples could benefit from, such as our Shining Star Membership, which allows two people to share up to four nights, per year, for a tent space, RV parking, or Main Hall accommodations, as a thank-you gift, from Starland.

Is beer/wine/spirits allowed at Starland?
Some visitors will drink alcohol at Starland, but we discourage drunken behavior, and those with wayward manners, while under the influence. Most of our visitors do not drink alcohol.

Can I smoke "pot" at Starland?
No. We also prohibit use of illegal drugs and illegal substances.

May I arrive as a "day visitor?"
Yes. Please note that we ask all visitors to become Members of Starland. There may be a nominal fee for visiting us in the daylight hours only. Our overnight fees apply for anyone staying at Starland after 8:00 PM. Some of Starland's weekend events prohibit day visitation, so please check with us, before arriving as a day visitor.

May I arrive unannounced or without a reservation?
While we encourage the freedom of visitors to come and go, we discourage visitation without prior notice. Please call us, or email us, or make an online reservation, before traveling to Starland.

Is Membership to Starland required?
Yes. Please sign up for Membership, or get further information about our Member levels, and the membership dues. Note that the annual Bright Star Membership is included in the price for some of our events and activities, for newcomers to Starland.

What is Starland's climate?
Starland has four seasons. Our best seasons are spring and fall. Summer is very hot and dry, while winter is often cold, windy, and sometimes wet (with a rare snowstorm). Spring can be quite windy at first, but expect calmer weather as spring becomes summer. Fall is calm and warm at first, but becomes colder and windier as the season approaches winter. We may experience a desert "monsoon" during the months of July and August.

What Clothing and Shoes shall I bring to Starland?
Here are our seasonal suggestions:
Shoes (all seasons): bring comfortable shoes, but no sandals, for outdoors, please. Bring hiking shoes, for walking in the wilderness and up the mountain trails. Our Main Hall and cabins are conducive to barefoot walking, or in sandals.

Summer: Nudity, or very little clothing. Bring a hat, sun block, and a smile!
Fall: Light warm-weather clothing, such as shorts and tee shirts, for daytime. Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for nights.
Winter: Cover up, and bring warm clothing for daytime and nighttime. Rain coats or water-repellant jackets, and warm socks and ski caps, for outdoor activities, are recommended.
Spring: Warm-weather clothing, such as tee shirts and shorts, but do bring a pair of sweats, and a jacket with you, too.

What is the weather forecast for Starland?
Note applet on left side of page -->

Is the staff paid or volunteer?
Everyone who serves Starland is a volunteer. This includes our greeters, our builders, our supervisors, our promoters, and our caretakers. We encourage our Members to volunteer (link). From time to time, we may hire someone with specific applied skills or for work that needs to be done immediately (such as the local tractor man who re-grades the driveway after a storm).

May I trade my skills as a volunteer, for visitation at Starland?
There is no clear "yes" or "no" to this question. Please inquire with us (link), and offer your skill(s) first. We have allowed visitors to barter needed skills, in exchange for a visit to Starland. We reserve the right to negotiate the exact terms, and the right to refuse an offer. We prefer volunteers who offer a clear intention to perform a task, and can set a deadline for the completion of a task.

How rustic is Starland?
We offer basic comforts, such as running water, electricity from the "grid," and hot showers. Our cabins are insulated, and have heaters for winter comfort. The house and Main Hall have evaporative coolers, for summer comfort.

How wild are the wild animals at Starland?
We often hear and occasionally see coyotes, but rarely encounter snakes, scorpions, or other dangerous creatures. In short, be prepared to see a variety of creatures at Starland, most of which are human-friendly, or animals that simply avoid creatures bigger than they are. We recommend that you store food in your car, or bring it inside the Main Hall or house, to avoid being "raided" by the creatures in our midst.

Are there native plants to watch out for?
Yes. The native cacti, called "cholla," have needles that "jump" at close range! Fortunately, these wild plants are far from where most of our visitors walk, and are not present around the buildings, tent and RV areas, and driveways at Starland. When you visit Starland, request a nature walk, to see the unusual species of yucca and cactus that thrive in the Mojave Desert.

Any other suggestions?

-Remember that desert driving, while mostly pleasant and uneventful, may dehydrate the driver and passengers. Bring plenty of water for your drive to and from Starland.
-Cell phones work well enroot to Starland, except while in mountain passes and desert canyons. Starland has fairly good cell phone service near the Main Hall.
-We suggest visiting the local attractions while staying at Starland. The Integratron, in Landers, and the Natural History Museum, in Yucca Valley, as well as Joshua Tree National Park, are all close to Starland. -We encourage creativity and free expression. Bring your art supplies, musical instruments, crochet supplies, tarot cards, or other forms of
personal expression.


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