Accommodations, Facilities & Rates
Cabins / Tenting / (RV parking; water & electrical available, but no sewer), Showers (hot & cold water), Toilettes, Communal Activities Hall, Full Food Prep Facilities (Refrigerator, Stove), Outdoor Grill, Fire Pit, Labyrinth & more!

Starland can be thought of as "Easy Camping," but Cabins, Trailers, and shared (communal) sleeping accommodations are available as well as outdoor tent-pitching spaces.

Starland requires a one-time yearly membership -your choice...
Bright Star $10/year No frills, just unlimited use of Starland at a discount rate, for one year.
Shinning Star $60/year 2, 2 for 2; two nights for two people twice a year plus all the benefits of a Bright Star membership.
Shooting Star $1,000/Lifetime No additional annual memberships to pay, and other Lifetime Member Perks!
More about this on the Membership page -Click Here Become a member now, or sign up for a membership upon your first stay at Starland.

Note: Visiting is FREE for VOLUNTEERS during "Work Weekends" or other
Volunteer events

Day-Time; Sun-up to Sundown

$5/person/day Daytime use of Starland for your pleasure. See choice of accommodations below.

Day + Night

$10/person/day Daytime plus over-night stay at Starland. See choice of accommodations below.
Day-Time plus Over-Night

R.V. / Van
Covered Pickup / Tent


Pitch a tent or drive in and park your own accommodation. Water/electric/heating available -see below. RV's limited to 35 feet in length; motor or total trailer combo.

RV Utility Hookups
Water & Electrical
Electric Space Heater
No sewer disposal

$10/night Water
$15/night Electric*/Heater
$20/night for Both*

*Electrical service provided: 10 amps maximum only, 120 volts. 12 gauge, 3-conductor extension cable recommended. For water bring a hose to connect to our service.
Heater Rental
is for the Bunk Cabin and the Vista Arroyo Cabin. We have no RV dumping facilities.

The private Vista Arroyo (best cabin) $10/person/night


The one and only Private cabin at Starland. Furnished with a working toilet and cold-water sink, mirror, and towel racks. The main part has a double-size bed, clean sheets, curtains, lights, ceiling fan with light, electrical outlets (heater available), one door entrance and one sliding glass door entrance which over-looks the canyon.

Sleeps up to two people and can also be privately reserved.
This cabin is well insulated for hot or cold weather, has a nice interior finish, has a view overlooking the canyon wash.


The House Room $10/person/night

This room is located in the Main House and includes one full-size bed.
Note, full bathroom facilities included in this room remain available for other visiting guests, so room is not fully private.

The Aristocrat Trailer $5/person/night

This little trailer is suitable for at least one over-night guest, has a comfortable bed and a seating area.
Utilities not currently hooked up.

NOTE: It is not the best looking trailer on the outside but it is clean and safe on the inside.


SWIMMING POOL -bring your floaties and pool toys ‘cause now you can enjoy the serene pool at Starland. INTEX above-ground pool 52" high (50" deep) by 22 feet wide.
Also in this picture in the background is the MAIN HALL at left and the SHOWER ROOM at right.

SPA HOT-TUB -soak away your troubles... as long as one or more folks put up a total of $6 per day for propane, everyone can enjoy the hot-tub. $6/day. *Reduce this fee by splitting it with friends and other guests. Our hot tub is clean and expertly maintained.

Internet & Guest PC -Available FREE! Wi-Fi or Direct Cable Connectivity.

We have two "common" toilets, for visitors using the House Room, the Aristocrat Trailer, and the Canyon View Trailer, as well as visitors staying in tents, and RVs without this convenience. Visitors in the VA Cabin enjoy the 1/2 bath (toilet and cold-water sink), which is inside the cabin.

For all of our visitors, we have a Shower Room building which has hot water (soon to be fueled by the sun!). There is also a small shower and bath tub inside the house..

Food Cooking & Storage

"Fridge/freezer, gas range w/oven, microwave, dishes, flatware, utensils, pots, pans, baking pans, and containers for storage, recycle and trash bins, The house is unheated in the winter months; but has swamp cooler for summer comfort. Stove and Grill
Full kitchen inside the house with gas stove, oven, microwave. Kitchenette at the Main Hall with microwave, and hotplates. Portable outdoor gas propane grill.

One in the Main Hall for visitors and one in the house with limited use. -We are looking to add another refrigerator.

 Indoor Lounges

Large Indoor Communal Multi-Purpose and Very Versatile Space
"Main Hall"
Stage area and DJ stand
Plenty of daylight
Not typical, but bunk beds can be installed
Kitchenette in back w/frig. meet area
The Main Hall (900 sq ft) is very versatile and can be used for just about anything; dining, meetings/seminars, performances, karaoke, dancing, drumming, arts/crafts, massage, or just hanging-out--anything that can be done indoors. It will adequately accommodate 30 persons for event activities. The Main Hall can be cooled or heated to suit anytime of year.
As a make-shift communal over-night sleeping accommodation it has "couches for crashing."

The Main Hall (900 sq ft) is very versatile and can be used for just about anything; dining, meetings/seminars, performances, karaoke, dancing, drumming, arts/crafts, massage, or just hanging-out--anything that can be done indoors. It will adequately accommodate 30 persons for event activities, and for groups wanting to sleep overnight together.

As well as an activity center, the Main Hall is yet another place to relax, too, when there is nothing going on. Kick your feet up on one of the couches and have an afternoon snooze, read a book, or play games or chat with other visitors.


Equipment provided: Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Sleeping mats, At least two Massage Tables, Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee-makers, Utensils, Parlor Games, TV/Sound Equipment, Stage Area, Dance/Yoga Floor, exercise equipment, and more.

As well as an activity center, the Main Hall is yet another place to relax too when there is nothing going on. Kick your feet up on one of the couches and have an afternoon snooze, read a book, or play games or chat with other visitors. There's a Color TV -VCR/DVD/Music/Karaoke, tables, chairs. Available also are, disco lighting and sound system (DJ mixer with two CD players), folding massage table and shiatsu table, lounge area -3 couches -one is a hide-a-bed, books & magazines, microwave, 'fridge with freezer, coffeemaker, dishes, flatware, cookware, toaster, heaters, evaporative cooler, & recycle & trash bins.

We offer the following, upon advance request, for use in the Main Hall:
--Disco lighting, disco sound system, and floor space for dancing.
--Karaoke system, for special entertainment.
--Massage tables and a quiet setting for massage.

We offer the following for use when you arrive:
--floor mattresses and cover sheets.
--sofas and comfortable seating, arranged in a "conversational" setting.
--folding banquet tables, card tables, and folding chairs.
--table games, TV with VCR and DVD player, small sound system.
--art and craft supplies, and space for creating art.
--kitchenette, which has a mcrowave oven and other small appliances.


This cozy little room is solar heated during the day and can be heated at night with a small propane heater. In summer, windows on three sides all open up..
The TV is just a regular color TV with a good picture and we have a VHS tape and a DVD player. 'Sorry, no broadcast TV program service is available.

Outdoor Spaces & Gathering Places

Spa (Hot-tub) 'Sorry, NOT WORKING right now... On our WISH LIST is propane gas pool/spa heater... we can pay a little too.
Under the Palo Verde tree
Hot Tubs
Sooth your weary self in luxurious comforting warmth under the most amazing view of the stars. The spa is a great way to melt your cares away.... and sometimes make new friends!

Fire Pit
"Fire Fox Fire Pit"
Mostly popular at night, the Fire Fox (campfire pit) situated on bluff overlooking the horizon, invites people to hang out, socialize, and enjoy the night and stars above while the glow of the fire lights and warms them. One never knows what can happen around a campfire. A man with a guitar can entertain and encourage singing and jokes or crowd with drums can invoke a frenzied naked dance! Fire pit used is subject to approval by local fire department on a daily basis due to seasonal fire hazards.

The Labyrinth
The Labyrinth sets amongst the desert "out-back" alone and quiet. You may ponder it, ponder in it, walk its path, meditate in it, hold a ritual or a "Heart Circle." Whatever spiritually moves you.
The labyrinth was created by a young man who went by the name of "Circa."

Naturism [YOU ARE HERE!]
Clothing is Optional
at Starland beyond doubt. Starland is nearly 100% private from it's distant neighbors.

Naturists are welcome to Starland. Starland is a clothing-optional--wear as much or as little as you're comfortable with.
Naturists: Bring a towel with you, and use it to sit upon. It is hygienically considerate to do this, to help us protect our chairs, sofas, other furniture and each other.

When hiking outside of Starland, take a backpack with clothing, sun-block, and water, or wear minimal-coverage clothing (and a hat!) to hike the trails beyond our fence-line. We'll provide directions to the secluded canyons on public land near Starland.

The are many places to hike to off Starland. Climb Mount Starland, Mount Mohabee, or Mount Fugi, if you are really ambitious. You can be alone or with friends. Crowds are never a problem in the Starland "outback."

Is allowed in designated areas.

Markets & Restaurants
Markets, restaurants, gas stations, and others stores are not far down the road.
There's one "full" small market with fresh meats, produce, restaurant, and gas station within a half mile and everything else is just ten miles away in Yucca Valley city proper.

Joshua Tree
See Local Attractions

Private access to public parklands, such as Joshua Tree National Park.

A Work in Progress
Starland is a work-in-progress. We are continually working towards improvements, adding more cabins, and other facilities for everyone's enjoyment and comfort. See Volunteer Work Schedule page



Ask about Group rates

Easy Reservations
Call (760) 364-2069 or E-Mail

What You'll Need to Bring:

  1. Bedding, such as a sleeping-bag or your favorite blankets/quilts and pillow. We have bed mats for your comfort. Bring a couple towels, your personal shaving, shower, and grooming items. Bring a flashlight, hiking shoes, and clothing comfortable for the season. You might consider bringing art supplies, favorite book, journal, binoculars, or a camera.

  2. Food and Water, unless noted by a particular event. Though we can offer bottled water to our guests, our supply is limited so it helps if you can bring some water of your own. You may bring any kind of food you like. We have refrigerators and full cooking facilities, grills, stove tops, and microwave oven, as well as offering basic food prep and cooking utensils. We also offer our visitors soft drinks, coffee, and tea, as we may have them on-hand.

  3. A Tent, if you choose not stay in any of the indoor spaces, and at least 12" long steel tent stakes. Our tent spaces have magnificent views, but we experience gusts of wind at many locations!

  4. Miscellaneous Items:
    Cell Phones
    --some cell phone plans work well around the Main Hall, but some plans don't work at all at Starland. Our location is most conducive to friendly conversation with each other, but if you need to call someone, bring along a long-distance calling card, and we'll provide a brief time to use our landline phone.

What you need to know:

  • No weapons or illegal drugs/heavy drinking of alcohol permitted. This also includes marijuana (medical or otherwise), because it is illegal, when the issue is resolved at the state/federal level we will adjust our policy accordingly.

  • Shoes or closed-toed sandals are recommended for personal safety.

  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

  • All guest are asked to shower immediately before using Hot Tub.

  • No Littering. (Please use trash containers and recycle bins to dispose of refuse.)

  • Pets are allowed only with prior permission and are subject to separate "Pet Rules."

  • Starland reserves the right to expel visitors who are disruptive, abusive, or otherwise display inappropriate behavior.

"Pet Rules"

  • Pet owners will sign this waiver, upon arrival at Starland:

  • Starland Pet Owners Agreement:

  • No pets allowed in any of Starland's buildings.
    Usually pet owners lock their pets up in their vehicle during the night.

  • Dogs must be kept on leashes.

  • Human companions must clean up after their pets.

  • Pet Owners shall be aware of the presence of coyotes and cactus in the immediate area of Starland.


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