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Please help us to create a place for you and your friends for the sake of community, friendship, growth, experience, and learning.

The many benefits...

Starland is a not-for-profit community entity. We depend on volunteer energy for most of our construction and maintenance projects. New Starland Volunteers are asked to attend a Work Weekend (usually the second weekend of each month), before offering to volunteer during the week. This gives both the volunteer and our staff to get to know each other, before committing to a long-term volunteer work exchange.

During a Work Weekend, we supply most tools and offer instruction for those unfamiliar with the skills for the projects at hand. Depending on the specific project, we may ask our helpers to bring appropriate work shoes and clothing. If you have tools, bring them too!

A typical Work Weekend consists of one or two days, 4-6 hours during daylight. The weather at Starland is delightful, most of the time. Outdoor project times will be modified (with or without notice), to conform to existing weather or climate conditions.

FREE Stuff -The Benefits!
In deep appreciation for your good help we offer...

  • A free Bright Star Membership for newcomers to Starland
  • Free admission for the full weekend (this includes cabin sleeping upgrades). (RV hook-ups are available at additional cost)
  • Dinner Saturday night. Other meals may be offered as well, bring food to share, if you like.
  • Also included; use of the hot tub, the Main Hall, and other communal buildings.
  • Recreational opportunities may include massage exchanges (for the willing), hiking, nature walks, picture-taking, nightly campfires (weather permitting) -drumming, nightly movie (if desired).
  • Arts & Crafts are sometimes offered as entertainment or as part of a spiritual venue depending on who comes up to offer this. Sometimes other volunteers will offer to other  volunteers some sort of gift or activity. Anything can happen!
  • Its possible to learn to learn a new craft or skill depending the current tasks being worked on, but for sure volunteers enjoy simple camaraderie, schnoozing half a day, and sometimes communal meals. As you might guess, our Work & Play Weekend Event is a casual event.

I can't wait!

Who can volunteer?
What will I be volunteering to do?
What do I need to do to volunteer?
Who's going to be there?
When can I come up?
Who do I talk to?
What do I need to bring?
Where  will I be staying/sleeping?

Who can volunteer?
We welcome healthy, able-bodied men and women to help us with our volunteer tasks. Many of our projects are simple to understand, but many may be physically challenging. Let us know about your physical limitation's, and we'll try to match a project to what you're able to do.

Human Services via Starland... You are also welcome to teach, share, or facilitate "Human Services" from the metaphysical, the scientific, or the spiritual. For example, can you read Tarot cards for someone or teach them to read Tarot cards? You are welcome to donate or commercially offer your knowledge or skill on just about any topic. Please see our Wish List.

What Will I Be Volunteering To Do?
Currently, our needs are focused on remodeling the house. There is a nasty, leaky roof above the front room that needs to be replaced. So we need back and leg muscles! There are a number of tasks for "ground-based" construction helpers, too. Other volunteer opportunities include landscape maintenance, window cleaning, organizing our supply cabin, and on-going electrical and plumbing needs. We also welcome food preparation helpers, cooks, bakers, bottle-washers and kitchen "wenches" for the Work Weekends, too.

Are you free-spirited, and open to serendipity? Sometimes, a task that needs to be done attracts the right person to do it. You might be "called" to organize the pantry, or to paint the walls of a cabin. We encourage our Volunteers to offer to do tasks that aren't listed, or projects that really look like something they are most capable of doing.

Cooking, shopping, meal prep/planning...

Running the Kitchen!
Current Volunteer Needs:

--Construction Help, see Mohabee for details.

--Kitchen Witch! If you have Kitchen Skills, you will be worshipped as the God/Dess you are!
--Landscape: rake, bag, and dispose of all dried wildflower stalks on property.
--Leaky Roof Repair: for those who have the know-how to replace the roof, or temporarily repair the roof.
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What do I need to do to volunteer?
Sign up for a Work Weekend! Register using our new Registration Form . Those who have already served as volunteers may contact us, about volunteering in the interim between Work Weekends.

How many hours must I serve, to obtain free accommodations during a Work Weekend? We typically facilitate a 4- to 6-hour work day, during a Work Weekend. There is no time clock, and no "slave boss" at Starland, however.
Volunteers are asked to pace themselves.

The weather, and other climate conditions, and the number of volunteers who attend a Work Weekend, usually determines the actual number of hours that are reasonable to complete a task or project. Feel free to request a longer or shorter work day.

Kudos: We appreciate our gracious volunteers, and the time, talent, and creativity that they provide.

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Who's going to be there?
All of our residents participate during the Work Weekends. So come join us! Our regular volunteers often attend, too. We have had a full house (more than 20), and also have seen fewer volunteers during a Work Weekend.
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When can I come up?
Newcomers are welcome to come to a Work Weekend. Those who have been to at least one Work Weekend can apply to continue working on a long-term task, or can inquire about a long-term volunteer work exchange.
Though you may choose to come up anytime to help out, the best time is during an officially scheduled "Work & Play Weekend" because there are usually more people here to lend a hand to tasks and chores, unless of course you bring a group, and you all want to take on a project together.
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Who do I talk to?
Ask any of the residents. Phone us: 760-364-2069 or Email us .
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What do I need to bring?
If you are staying overnight, bring cactus resistant pajamas! ok, just kidding... All you'll really need is appropriate clothing (or no clothing, during summer!), a sleeping bag, and some food for the length of your stay. Other things to bring might include your personal shower and shaving gear, pillow, and perhaps a tent if you don't wish to sleep in the bunk room in the house with others. Don't forget your flashlight, a hat, sunglasses, sun block, and good work shoes! See the Visitor Registration "what to bring" page  for more suggestions.

Bring omnivorous food to share, for breakfast, lunch, and if you arrive early, Friday dinner. We supply food for Saturday dinner. We'll be seeking volunteers, to prepare and cook the meals, and to clean up afterwards (this might be a Work Weekend project for the right person(s)!
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Where  will I be staying / sleeping?
You can pitch a tent, stay in your RV/Truck for no extra other than the current visiting fee, or for a little extra, you can rent one of our accommodations (cabin / room) as may be available at the time -see the Rates page for details.
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Volunteers are automatically LOVED!

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