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#1 NUMBER ONE on the list... Propane Heaters...
Right now, some little "indoor" propane heaters would be great!
We've discovered that the "Mr Heater" series is awesome for our needs... Please take the following suggestions...
If you have a used one or can donate money to buy one of these heaters, just let us know.

Mr Heater MH9B Buddy Heater PropaneCHOICE A.
Mr Heater "Buddy" propane heater model# MH9B
(older model) 4000 to 9000 BTU
From about $75 on up for retail, $30 on


Model No: MH9BX - Portable BuddyCHOICE B.
Mr Heater "Buddy" propane heater model# MH9B
(newer model) 4000 to 9000 BTU
'Same as above with a few more bells & whistles.
From about $75 on up retail, $50 on

Model No: MH18B - Big BuddyCHOICE C.
Mr Heater "Big Buddy/Heat Star" propane heater model# MH
(newer model) 4000, 9000, & 18000 BTU
Awesome bigger heater... could be used in Main Hall.
From about $115 on up retail, $50 on

#2 NUMBER TWO on the list... Roofing materials...
If we can just get the (1.) lower roof materials, that would be great.


            1. “LOW ROOF” –over front / office area                    (40X25)’=1,000 sq ft

                        a. 94’ of flashing and maybe 32’ of inside corner flashing

            2. “HIGH ROOF” –over kitchen and bedroom areas    (40X30)’=1,200 sq ft

                        a. 152’ of flashing

            2. “LOW ROOF” –over garage/storage area                 (32X30)’=960 sq ft

                        a. 94’ of flashing and about 40’ of inside corner flashing

            TOTAL ROOF AREA:                        3,160 SQ FT.

            TOTAL FLASHING:                          340 FT.

                        TOTAL INSIDE FLASHING              72 FT.

Contact Lobo


-Call for Residents
-Stuff -physical
-$ Donations
Facilitators (Human Services):
Teach, Share, Facilitate
-Health, Growth, Learning, & Well-Being)
Services & Skills (-PR person -Construction)
Starland "Industry" (-Crafts -Arts -Goods)

Residents Call Live, Work, and Play at Starland
Contact Steve now!

We're looking for someone who is self-sustained, enthusiastic to serve Starland, and who can perform the duties necessary for the basic care and upkeep of Starland.

In return, Starland can offer a relatively inexpensive place to live and to be a part of a grateful community. Are you in?

Here are the details...

Resident Basic Requirements:
-Must be enthusiastic to help Starland grow as a positive and spiritual institution.
-Must be in excellent health and able to perform normal physical duties.
-Must be clean, sober, a non-smoker, and non-drug user -not even marijuana.
-Must be able to pay a small rent to cover your portion of utilities.
-Must be able to pay for all of your own food and personal necessities.
-Must have transportation.

-Possession of knowledge of health and well-being.
-Neatness, cleanliness, and a sense of aesthetics.
-A conscientious attitude.
-Mechanical, handy-man, or construction skills.
-Social skills, charm, and wit.

Other resident details:
As a resident, you'll find the atmosphere very relaxed and easy-going in as far as how you wish to contribute. You are free to come and go, take extended vacations as you like as long as there is someone to fill in for you during your absences. Unfortunately we cannot yet completely support any resident, though we hope to in the future. So it is not free to stay at Starland. Perhaps in time, with your help, Starland can grow to fully support a resident... or two. We encourage your personal growth and creativity, Starland can definitely offer you this.
Please Contact Steve immediately if you are interested.

Teach, Share, or Facilitate

Human Services
Health, Growth, Learning, & Well-Being.

You are invited to share your talent and knowledge about anything whether you are a professional or a non-professional. E-mail us to find out how.

You may optionally donate your offering to Starland or make it a commercial opportunity for yourself as well. Either is welcome.

-Drum-Circle Leaders & Drummers
-Tarot card readings
or teaching how to read Tarot cards
-Massage or teaching how to Massage
-Sweat Lodge
-Any healing art, game playing, touch therapies
-Workshops & Playshops
-Arts & Crafts
-Sciences, any skills

You can offer to offer just what you know.
Please use Starland as an outlet to share.

Many people are knowledgeable in healing arts such as touch and massage therapy, and even herbs.
Starland can be a spa or retreat center for self-renewal and a place to practice nurturing, building the human spirit, and raising consciousness.

Services & skills:

Volunteer your time with these skills:
--We need a good PR person, to promote Starland.
--Help us plan an upcoming event, or facilitate an event--Contact us for details.
--Docent. Lead nature hikes and tours around Starland.
--Landscape maintenance (raking and pruning, as well as planting and caring for low-moisture plants)
--Tractor and Operator, to resurface our driveway.

Thanks to our members:


Some on-going projects
For the Muscular and Brawny)

Check our volunteer Work & Play Weekend event.

Currently, McGyvers and Lobo (Matrix), have an affirmative plan to execute the roof repairs to the main house. Right now we are in the materials gathering stage; tar paper, rolls of exterior roofing material, and flashing. Any lead to these materials free or cheap appreciated. Once we have these materials, we'll be good to go.

A lot of buildings are in need of re-painting and other touch-ups

Stuff -Physical
Must be fairly new, in working condition.
Please contact us, prior to bringing any donated items to Starland.

Washing Machine
(for Main Hall) must be energy-efficient.
Gas Clothes Dryer
-propane only
-built-in style
Large Screen TV
with "line-in" connectors
Microwave oven
Vacuum Cleaner -upright preferred
Book Cases
Computer & Printer
White Portland Cement
Rakes, Shovels, etc...
Kitchen Cabinets-
-Contact Lobo for dimensions.
Folding banquet tables (6' is preferable), and Steel folding chairs
Folding massage table
Door mats (about 12)
Flooring for the Main Hall.
Heavy Patio Furniture.
Area Rugs
Pellet Stove
Propane Space Heaters

Please Contact Lobo before delivering any of the above items, for approval, and to arrange a delivery date and time.


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Thank You!

We appreciate your support! Your generous donation will help us build, maintain, and repair Starland facilities, and also help pay Starland's operating expenses.
Contact us!

*Donations are not tax deductible as Starland is only a "not for profit" organization.

Starland Industry

Starland is always looking for other ways to support itself and to help fund other projects.

We would love to have some sort of "in-house industry" that is artistic in nature... something like ceramics, we already have an electric kiln, but we haven't been able to hook it up yet.

Perhaps someone could head an other art or craft industry for Starland.

We are also in the process of giving workshops of our own, Mohabee wants to teach ceramics.

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